Awww! Tinashe Reportedly Denied Entry Into Rihanna’s Fashion Week Party

Fans of the Pop starlet Tinashe find themselves dazed and confused this week after learning that the singer was turned away at the door by a party thrown by the chart-scorching & loveable star Rihanna.

A surprising story awaits below…


On Sunday evening, the ‘Super Love‘ songbird dressed to the nines and stepped out to support Rihanna‘s ‘Fenty x Puma‘ venture with hopes of attending its party.

Little did she know that her efforts would be in vain because when she arrived at the party she was refused entry and shunned by revelers who looked on as she was forced to walk back in the direction she came from.

News of the incident hit Twitter minutes after it happened but has now been confirmed by several sources who were in attendance and saw what went down.

Reps for Rihanna are yet to respond to the potential, and hopefully baseless, allegations that she gave the order to embarrass her peer.


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