Azealia Banks threatens Twitter CEO, calls out Kanye West & Clash with Wale

Azealia Banks wants to put a spell on Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey, and it won’t be that hard because, apparently, she has three strands of his hair, which she’ll use during her act of witchcraft.

Azealia started a new Twitter feud with Jack Dorsey after a business arrangement went awry. “Jack Dorsey asked me to tweet about his cash app and in exchange he was supposed to tweet about my mixtape. he never did,” she tweeted on April 13.

Jack allegedly sent Azealia his DNA for mystical protection purposes, but now she says she’s going to use it against him.

“He also sent me his hair in an envelope because i was supposed to make him an amulet for protection. i have 3 Strands of a billionaire’s hair. i should steal his luck. I only ask to be treated fairly.They seek me out,” she continued. “I made said amulet, w/ his hair in it, b/c of all the death threats he was receiving. it’s been keeping him safe. now i want to destroy it. lol he was halfway trying to entertain me slash half way trying to break up with kate slash halfway doing the most.”

She went on to call out fellow rapper Kanye West after he got into a clash with Wale about her not feeling protected by black men and media. Wale wasn’t having any of that.

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