Bobby Shmurda is making movies from Jail

That is literally. The Brooklyn rapper is currently in jail at New York’s Westchester County Correction facility, but that isn’t stopping him from pursuing his script writing passion.

In an interview with XXL, his mother Leslie Pollard shared her son’s Hollywood ambitions.
‘He said he has two movies in his head that he’s working on now,’ said Pollard. ‘He loves music but that’s something he was always interested in transitioning to. He loves the whole Will Smith thing. That’s something he’s very interested in, acting.’

‘A lot of people don’t know but, the GS9 is his music label, and the guys that are locked up with him, 90 percent of them are childhood friends since he was three, four years old,’ she added.

One of the rapper’s films is going to be based on his upbringing, she added, while the other will be centered on life ‘as Bobby Shmurda.’

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