Bryson Tiller’s ‘Trapsoul’ Goes Platinum

Pen Griffey’s got another plaque. Less than seven months after its release, Bryson Tiller’s debut album Trapsoul has gone platinum.

The Louisville crooner took to Instagram to make the big announcement. “so a few days ago, we told everyone that this album went Gold,” he wrote. “They actually told me it went Gold a month or so ago but wanted me to wait until my Radio City Show to tell people. Well…. Right after the show they surprised me and told me that T R A P S O U L is officially a Platinum Album.”

He thanked his fans for their support, adding, “words cannot explain how i feel. thank you if you bought this, you changed my life.”

Released in October, Trapsoul has spawned a series of hit singles including “Don’t,” “Rambo,” and “Exchange.”

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