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Camila Cabello Teases New Music Made During Quarantine

Seems like Camila Cabello has been busy all quarantine cooking, music this time around!

The global health crisis has put a pronounced pause on the activity of most in the music industry.

And while some are using the downtime to recalibrate or plot out their next move, ‘Havana’ singer Cabello is working on fresh material.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a shot of herself with guitar in hand. The caption read:

“sending so much love to everyone. been writing a lot of new music and it’s coming from a really pure place. reminding myself everyday that life is now; and not in yesterday or tomorrow. let’s be extra gentle, soft, and kind to ourselves and others today✨”

The music is will be the first Cabello has launched in the marketplace since the release of sophomore album ‘Romance’ last Fall.

That set benefitted from shoe-horning ‘Senorita’ – a standalone chart-topper with Shawn Mendes – onto the tracklist. But it notably didn’t yield much else in the way of comparable hits.

As such, it’ll be interesting to see (and hear) which direction she takes for album #3.

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