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Ed Sheeran Spills The Beans On Bruno Mars & Justin Bieber Collaboration Plans

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he had hoped to team up with Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber on a track.

Find out why the dream collaboration didn’t happen below…

Ed and Bieber joined forces to drop the jam ‘I Don’t Care’ this year and watched it soar commercially in its first week thanks to the support it received from their respective fan bases. Ed has now opened up to share that he wanted Bruno to get in on the musical action.

This project actually started with one idea I had which was – you remember Lady Marmalade right? This is such a silly idea – I had an idea of doing that, like you could get Bruno, Bieber and me on a record, how fun would that be?

The first person I rung was Bruno and he was just like “let’s just do a song together, just us” and that’s how it happened – so then I did a song with Bruno and I did a song with Bieber and these individual songs started happening and then it turned into a project…It was a really good experience putting the record together.

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