Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks Apologize to Each Other

Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks are now on good terms with one another following a feud last year. The recent exchange between the two, which took place on Twitter, began when one of Banks’ followers suggested that she end her beef with Badu.

According to a screen capture from Vlad TV, Banks responded by stating that the Dallas singer “wants to be the only one in hip-hop kicking knowledge. #lame.” Badu came across the tweet and issued an apology to Banks over comments she made on Twitter last year.

“@AZEALIABANKS sis. 1 thing I know 4sho about YOU is that you r an advocate 4 your folks. For that I humbly apologize,” Badu wrote in a tweet sent yesterday (April 12).

Banks issued an apology of her own, adding that she looks up to the singer.

“@fatbellybella and i apologize for all the stupid things I said in response. I honestly look up to you and think your incredible,” Banks wrote.

Well over one year ago, the two artists got into a heated Twitter exchange after Badu revealed to a Twitter user that she “tried” to listen to Banks’ music. Banks responded by suggesting that Badu was jealous.

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