Eva Alordiah is not quitting music

Eva Alordiah says she is not quitting music as hinted in an instagram post she posted earlier. The message recieved a handful of backlash, forcing the artiste to clarify that she wasn’t quitting music in another instagram post.

In the Instagram update, she also revealed that she would be releasing her first book together with her long awaited album “1960”.

The female emcee held a show recently which she said was going to be her last as a music artiste, and marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life, and that she would be performing songs from before her fans knew her till date.

“It’s tomorrow!! My last show as a ‘Music Artiste’! Yes, I am ending another chapter in my life and ready for the next! If you Love Eva, you gotta be here tomorrow no? Please I really want you to come. Bring 4 friends.
I would be performing songs from before you knew me till right now! It is Live and Unplugged with the band and I want to share this experience with only the best and realest fans!”
“If you have never seen me play with the band please be here tomorrow! I promise you a fantastic Hiphop experience, God help me. Can’t wait to see you guys. . I would be at the Venue from 8PM to meet you all one on one! Pictures, Selfies, Drinks, anyone?” Instagram page.

Eva just put out a mixtape titled “Because You Been Waiting” in prelude to her upcoming and hotly anticipated “1960” album.

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