Forgot about Dre? It’s his birthday, 5 facts you need to remember! ????

Two of Dr Dre’s brothers have passed away.
When he was just one-year-old Dr Dre’s brother Jerome passed away from pneumonia. He also lost half brother Tyree, who he dedicated the last song on ‘Chronic 2001’ ‘The Message’ to.

Has Dr Dre found the next Eminem?
Dr Dre has chosen his next Protégé, a 23-year-old guy from Texas called Justin Mohrle. Justin, who goes by the name JT, has reportedly moved indefinitely to California on Dr Dre’s orders, after Dre heard some music that he and The D.O.C had been working on.

Dr Dre fathered a son when he was 16, but didn’t meet him for 20 years.
When he was just 16 years old Dr Dre fathered a son called Curtis, who was brought up entirely by the boy’s mother. Curtis and Dre only met 20 years after he was born. And guess what Curtis does for work? He’s a rapper that goes by the name of Hood Surgeon. What else? Picture: Getty

Dr Dre didn’t know Eminem was white when he decided to work with him.
Eminem made no secret of the difficulty he felt he faced being a white man trying to make it in black-dominated industry, but he managed to get signed by Dre and go on to become one of the world’s best rappers. In a past interview with Vibe Magazine, Dre revealed: “when I heard Em for the first time, I didn’t even know he was White. I just knew I wanted to work with him. And that kind of actually made it better for me, because it was so different”.

In 2014, Dr Dre earned approximately $20 per second.

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