Gabrielle Union Didn’t Have Plastic Surgery Done, Afterall.

Gabrielle Union WAS accused of altering her face by media outlet Media Takeout and this is all because of the new photo she shared on her Instagram page three days ago.

“Recent photos suggest that Gabby may have gotten some work done on her face… and we hate to say it — BAD WORK,” MTO said, adding, “The images, shown below, show Gabrielle’s face — and it appears she got MAJOR work done on her lips and cheeks.”

Union has denied this claim.

In an exchange with followers on Instagram, the wife of top basketballer Dwayne Wade, said that she looked different in the photo because of contouring. “It’s called makeup,” the actress said, adding that the camera angle also contributed in giving her the strange new look. And then she shared new photos without the extreme makeup, to drive home her point.

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