Hugh Hefner’s Wife Reportedly To Inherit Absolutely Nothing After His Death

As the entertainment world reels from the sudden death of Hugh Hefner, attention has shifted to his widow, Crystal.

The former playmate – who, at (31), is 60 years his junior – wed the Playboy founder in December 2012.

But because of an ironclad prenuptial agreement and the fact that Hugh never added her to his will, the blonde bombshell will inherit nothing from his multi-million dollar fortune.

Hugh, who was affectionately referred to as Hef, reportedly died of natural causes on Wednesday night.


According to CNBC, the controversial businessman died at his home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, surrounded by loved ones.

His fortune, which was estimated at $43 million back in 2013, will be divided amongst his four children, Christie (64), David (62), Marston (27) and Cooper (26) and the list of charities he supported.

Although his will leaves his widow empty-handed, the former playmate will be well-looked after, Daily Record reports.

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