Iggy Azalea Hit with $391k Tax Lien

The IRS is after Iggy. According to TMZ, Iggy has been hit with a lien of $391,056.55 in unpaid income taxes from 2014. That was a banner year for Azalea with the release of her debut album The New Classic and its re-release, Reclassified.

While the news made headlines, the “Team” hitmaker took to Twitter to set the record straight.

“they exaggerate everything,” she told a fan. “the IRS gave the option to pay them monthly or lump sum. i picked monthly, who wouldnt? but its funny to me because made the deal like 2 months ago but they are trying to make it into something now because…they were hoping some more nick mess would happen and now that it hasnt and its getting boring they need 2 create something else.”

The “Nick mess” she’s referring to are rumors about her pending marriage to NBA star Nick Young. Azalea’s sophomore album Digital Distortion is set to drop soon.

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