“I’m Praying For Donald Trump’s Impeachment” – Erica Campbell

Unlike sister Tina Campbell (who recently braved a backlash for her open support of President Donald Trump), ‘Mary Mary’ star Erica Campbell is not exactly a fan of “The Donald.”

Yet, while she is not in favor of Trump and his widely reported antics, that has not impacted her coming to the defense of younger sister, Tina.  Taking to her radio show, ‘Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,’ the ‘Help’ hitmaker said:

“I appreciate my sister’s [Tina’s] boldness. This is America.” “We should be free to say what we want, and not be vilified or bashed.”


Erica made sure to remind listeners she does not share her sister’s stance:

“I’m praying for impeachment,” Erica told Essence.

This man is not our God, and God has given us instruction for this man, which is to pray for him. So me saying I stand with him means I pray for him, even now,” she said. “I disagree with almost every decision the man is making but I still pray for him because he took an oath to represent this country. And we can say, ‘He’s not my president.’ But he’s still the president of America and God gave us a responsibility to pray for him.”

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