Jennifer Lopez opens up on dating

Jennifer Lopez has opened up on her relationship in an interview with TV host, Wendy Williams. She revealed this after getting drilled by the blunt talk show diva.

In the interview, Williams brought up the topic of her relationship with Casper Smart and Mariah Carey’s shady comments about her.

The ‘Parker’ movie actress admitted to being in an off and on relationship with Smart, but said they are good at the moment.

“We broke up for a little bit … yeah, we’ve done that a couple of times.”

Williams also made a comment concerning how she imagines their break-up going saying she pictures Lopez throwing vases and kicking Casper out of her house.

In her response, J Lo said “No, no, no it’s not that dramatic,”

“He has his own house, he always has,”

She also responded to Mariah Carey’s comment about not knowing the actress when she was a judge on ‘American Idol’.

Lopez said, “She does say that … she’s forgetful I guess,”

“We’ve met many times. I don’t know her that well.”

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