Kesha fans protest for Singer’s release

Kesha fans protesting against Sony on Friday were forced to march a mile-and-a-half down Madison Avenue when they realized they were demonstrating in front of the wrong building.

The glitter-covered crowd had originally gathered outside the company’s old headquarters in Midtown as they urged execs to release the pop star from her controversial contract with a producer known as Dr. Luke.

But their cries and upbeat dance music fell on deaf ears, because after an hour and a half of standing in 35-degree weather, organizers realized all of Sony’s honchos had been moved downtown, from 550 Madison Ave. between East 55th and 56th streets to their new lease at 25 Madison Ave. off 25th Street.

“They’re in the middle of moving right now, and I heard their executives are there — and that’s who we really want to get across to,” said Michael Eisele, the organizer of the protest, which was coordinated by Care2, an online social network for activists.

Despite the mix-up, the mostly young crowd of about 40 protesters made the trek downtown.

“Drop Luke, Free Kesha,” the group chanted.

“Kesha needs her freedom back, Dr. Luke is really whack,” they yelled.

The 10 a.m. protest was called after a Supreme Court judge ruled last week that Kesha would not be allowed out of her six-album deal with Sony, despite her claims that she had been raped by Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald.

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