Kylie Jenner Stage a Robbery in Her Lipgloss Ad Video

Kylie Jenner took a brand new platform to promote her Gloss lip line and hired a Grammy-winning music video director to put it all together.

It takes a whole music video to promote Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit. The 18-year-old appears in a 3-minute video titled “Glosses” to introduce the new lip gloss line from her brand Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie drives through a desert in her luxurious Rolls Royce car adorned with “KNGKYLIE” license plate. She applies her lip gloss as she waits outside a motel where a transaction is going on. She texts her girlfriends “gametime” and the girls spring into action. There are punches, throwing and gun pointing involved but Kylie is only in charge of getting them out of there.

The lip gloss shades are introduced as “Like”, “Literally” and “So Cute”. The video, which is directed by Grammy-winning music video director Colin Tilley, seems to be unfinished as the girls pose for a mugshot before it ends.

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