Milli Taking Shots at M.I. Abaga in ‘Unlooking’ Video?

A few days ago, former Choc City rapper, Milli released a lengthy piece explaining why and how he left the record after M.I. Abaga allegedly frustrated him out.

Now he has released a teaser for ‘Unlooking’ video. In the 59 second clip, a masked guy in a black hood stepped out of a car with a crown and gasoline in hand, dropped the crown and set it on fire.

In the hip-hop world, pundits explain the burning of crown in Milli’s new video as, ‘as a fearless and semi-direct statement to M.I’.

In reality, MI has a lot of ‘kingly’ songs, titles, and photos to his credit. A good example is the ‘King James’ song and many more.

The question is – is he taking shots at his former boss?

How far is he willing to go with the attacks on MI?

Will MI respond to any of the subliminals?

Watch the ‘Unlooking‘ trailer below…

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