#WorldTakDay! Top 5 Fun Facts About Big Tak You Never Knew!

It’s #WorldTakDay, people!!! (Drum roll!)

You already know the voice to the name, what more do you know?:)

Born Takim Agbor on this day, many years ago, here are 5 fun facts about Big Tak you never knew!

1. Big Tak is the last born of a family of 4 kids.

2. He is an unrepentant tattoo collector (LOL!)

3. Big Tak has played American Football the majority of his life and still plays ‘coed’ flag football here in Nigeria.

4. Growing up, Big Tak was a B-boy (Break-dancer) and would perform during various occasions and would win dance battles.

5. There are 2 oyibo children named after Tak because their parents loved the name, Takim!

Want more?

Big Tak co-hosts #TrafficTheUrbanDrive alongside his work buddy, Shedy Kay every week day at 6pm, and #UrbanWorld40 at 3pm-6pm every Sundays!