Ice Prince Zamani

Name: Panshak Zamani

Birthday: October 23, 1986

Fav Dish: Rice

Ice Prince Zamani was born on the 30th day of October 1986, Ice Prince is a Nigerian recording hip hop artist, he recently launched himself into the movie industry. Ice Prince came to lime light through his hit single “Oleku”, after the release of “Oleku” the song went on to become Nigeria’s most remixed songs.

Ice Prince’s Presidential Awards
Ice Prince has always been with Chocolate City since the beginning of his career. In 2011, Ice Prince Zamani released his much anticipated debut album titled “Everybody Loves Ice Prince”. The album had great single such as “Oleku”, “Juju”, “Superstar” and “Magician” and others. Ice Prince released his second studio album in 2013, an album he titled “Fire of Zamani”. The album had successful singles like “Aboki”, “Gimme Dat”, “More” and “I Swear”.

Ice Prince Early life
Ice Prince full name is Panshak Henri Zamani, he was born in the city of Minna, the Niger State capital, northern part of Nigeria. Ice Prince and his family moved to Jos, the Plateau State capital, while he was still 2 years.

He attended Saint Murumba College, the same learning institution that produced the likes of P-Square, Nigerian midfielder John Obi Mikel, and also the Governor of Bauchi State Isa Yuguda. Ice Prince also went to the Science Tutorial College in Jos.

Ice Prince And BlackFace
Ice’s love for Hip Hop rap began in 1998 when he started to write rap lyrics and was also performing the songs he wrote at events, mostly those in school. Ice started his studio recording in 2001 and in 2002 he joined a group called the “Ecomog Squad”, the group was mainly his friends. Though they lasted for only a year, they however, had some memorable performances.
Ice Prince met MI in 2004, and together with M.I, Jesse Jagz, Lindsey, Ruby, Eve and Taz, they what is now known “Loopy Crew”. Ice Prince said he started in Jos, were he use to rap and then sing. He had also joined his church choir and was a Tenor singer. It was then he met MI, that was when the later moved back to Nigeria, they became friends which grew into a family now. I once had a song was Number 1 in Jos.

Ice Prince was admitted to study Zoology in University of Jos, he had to quit due to some financial difficulty at the time. Ice Prince lost his dad in 1999, however, things were not as difficult when his dad was alive, his Mum took up the responsibility of taking care of him until she passed on too.

Things was so hard that he had to moved to Abuja to met and squat with MI and Jesse Jagz. They mostly involved in small gigs, things weren’t making any sense until they moved to Lagos, were they had to put up with Djinee in his house.

Ice Prince Contract With Chocolate City record
Ice Prince was basically signed by Chocolate City because of his close affiliation with MI and Jesse Jags, according to Ice Prince, Chocolate City first signed MI and then they signed Jesse Jagz and then he was finally signed.

Ice Prince And The Hennessy Artistry
Ice participated in the Hennessy Artistry competition in 2009, the competition was organized by the Hennessy brand. The competition also had names like Bez, Blaise, Mo’cheddah etc, Ice Prince was fortunate to come first his lead single “Badman”.
Ice Prince Studio album
1. Everybody Loves Ice Prince in 2011
2. Fire of Zamani in 2013

Ice Princes Musical influences
According to Ice Prince, his major musical influences in his music are Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Rakim, Talib Kweli, Common, Ludacris, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, M.I and then Jesse Jagz. Ice Prince has in so many occasions described his label mate M.I as his mentor, his brother and also his friend.

In Ice Prince Word “MI is someone that if so many people tells me no and he “MI” says yes, I will follow the yes. That’s how far am loyal to him, that’s how much I respect him. He has never given me bad advice, plus he has always wished me well and is always happy whenever I succeed.”

Ice Prince Personal life
Ice Price who once dated Eva Alordiah when he first came to Lagos now has a son named by name Jamal with a lady called Bimbo Babatunde.