R. Kelly’s Lawyer & Publicist Cut Ties With The Star Amid Child Abuse Allegations

R. Kelly’s career continues to be rocked by new lows as details of his (alleged) abuse of little black girls seep deeper into the public’s consciousness.

Bad news for the Pied Piper below…

Accused of molesting and assaulting several girls within the last twenty years, Kelly could often depend on his publicist, Trevian Kutti, to blast anyone who dared to defend his alleged victims.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the publicist has now cut all ties with him following the unearthing of a story told by a new teenage girl who says the R&B star poisoned her body with a filthy sexually transmitted disease.

There’s more.

For, his assistant and lawyer have also kicked him to the curb leaving the singer, as it stands, without support or the legal counsel he needs to win his latest case.

The star, who is accused of molesting his own goddaughter, the late singer Aaliyah and several other minors, is yet to respond to the shakeup.


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