Read how Kanye West Used His 4 Minutes at the VMAs

This year, Kanye West took the stage and, after announcing himself in his typical grandiose fashion (“I am Kanye West, and that feels really good to say this year”), he used up a good amount of his precious minutes with lengthy pauses, seemingly either thinking about what to say next or deliberately keeping the audience on edge while he grinned ear-to-ear.

These were some of the highlights of his speech which actually went for over four minutes

1. After musing about the “audacity” of fame – and namechecking Vogue editor Anna Wintour and presidential candidate Donald Trump – West crowed abruptly, “I see you, Amber,” and pointed to his former girlfriend Amber Rose, who was in the audience. Following a quick camera shot of Rose’s stiff smile, West cheerfully added, “My wife” – i.e., Kim Kardashian West – “is a G” for letting him give a shout-out to his ex.

2. West also called out his on/off nemesis, Taylor Swift, with whom he has infamously been embroiled in conflict for most of this year regarding his provocative single “Famous.” “I love all of y’all,” he noted. “That’s why I called her.” Swift herself was not in attendance to react, nor did she reply at press time on social media.

3. West attempted to touch on social issues, referring to the recent violence in his hometown of Chicago last week. However, he twisted the commentary into an odd discussion regarding the importance of role models, naming his own… and including himself in the bunch: “Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West. Wow!”

4. The audience, per usual, responded to West’s proclamations in typical silent “what was that?” fashion, save West’s proud wife, Kim, who reacted with tears and applause.

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