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Remy Ma Defends Nicki Minaj; Reveals That She Relates To Rapper’s Issues With The Media

Remy Ma wants Nicki Minaj to know that she understands why she is frustrated with Urban media and has urged those who are most critical of the rapper to be mindful of the way they report news related to her.

Minaj made headlines last week when she came face to face with one of her biggest critics Joe Budden and asked him why he had engaged in (or started) a rumour which suggested that she was hooked on cocaine and was intimidated by Cardi B‘s ascent to stardom last year.

Their conversations went viral.

Watch one of them below…

Now, Minaj’s friend turned nemesis Remy Ma has spoken out to defend her.

Hit the 3 minute 40 mark…

I felt some of the things she was saying because I know how that feels. To feel like people who were supposed to be your friends or people that you thought was cool with you, and then they say some left-field sh*t. You be like ‘Damn, I thought we was aite.’ I know that feeling, it’s upsetting. It makes you angry. It makes you want to come for them.

What I got from it is that people who are in these media positions, they say things. And they say things effortlessly. They don’t think about the repercussions. What I pull from that is like, the same way she felt, a lot of artists feel that. They get up there; they say what they want, they don’t fact check. They say certain sh*t, and it’s harmful. Sometimes it harms your brand as a whole. Sometimes it harms your project. Sometimes it just personally harms you.

Minaj, who was on the receiving end of Remy’s diss track ‘Shether’, is yet to respond.

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