Russell Simmons Slapped With More Rape Allegations!

Trouble rises in the face of the mogul Russell Simmons today after he learned that more women have stepped forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Simmons’ name found itself thrown into the sexual abuse mix when it emerged that he’d asked Terry Crews not to seek justice after the actor revealed that he’d been assaulted by Hollywood power player Adam Venit.

Then came claims from several women (including a cast member from ‘The Hills’) that he had used his power and influence to viciously assault them.

Joining the chorus of justice-seeking women? Jennifer Jarosik.

Jaroski alleges that she and Simmons were friends who were in talks to create a movie together and that she was raped by him when she refused to have sex with him during a meeting in his home.

She is seeking $5 million.

Simmons has denied the story.

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