Saeon picks N5M over Wizkid

Saeon when asked 5 million or date Wizkid on PulseTV, the singer immediately replied with ‘Wizkid cannot handle me’.

According to her, “Wizkid cannot handle me. He can’t handle me because I like my mine tall, I like to climb, run and jump so….,” she said, adding, “Shout out to Wizkid. If u had said someone else that was taller, I would have considered it.”

Inrelated news, Saeon has been on a mission with a new music genre. Saeon Moruda is one of those few artistes who have dared to be different from the norm-with her invented Trap ‘n’ B sound — a mixture of Rap, Hiphop and R’n’B — her overall demeanour defined by her various BackPacks, outfits and foot wear from the male section; and her Natural Hair or Morudan Braids,

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