Catch BigTak & Shedy Kay on TrafficTheUrbanDrive Weekdays 6pm – 9pm

6 : 30 – Wacky World news
This segment is all about the weird news happening around the world. Big Tak brings you the image representation and news details on the segment.

6 : 45 – Dirts Alert
Shedy Kay gives you the trending news on celebrities. It’s all about what people are currently talking about on all social media platforms

7 : 45 – Second Dirts Alert
Get information on strange and weird news on this segment .

8 : 30 – Health Tip
This segment is based on healthy living. Shedy kay brings you the tips you can apply on a daily basis to improve your health and well-being.

8 : 45 – Final Installment of Dirts Alert.
The final segment on the show is about the trending news around the world