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Number One Songs for our Number One Listener
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Take a Knee
Trivia on a Trap Tuesday
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Monday is Grunday.

Every Tuesday is Trap Tuesday on Urban Breakfast with a little more trap music than the usual EDM on rotation on Trap Tuesdays.

while on Whipped Wednesday, the playlist is reflective of the feature: Something Urban as well as unveiling of the #UrbanExcellence Person of the week.

Thirsty Thursday is all you know Urban Breakfast for and extra for the Box Office buff while on FriYay Frolick, you get ‘Urban by the Numbers’ – specialist, analyst breakdown financial deets in ‘Urban’ english as well as the usual Today in History, While You Were Sleeping, Birthdays Shout outs, Roll Calls, Today in Buyers Remorse and the signing out audio excerpt of the week’s world blunders.

Also, loads of stuff to be won.
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