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Video: New Footage Shows A$AP Rocky’s Bodyguard Choking The Alleged Victim

While A$AP Rocky’s trial is underway in Sweden, a new video has surfaced showing his bodyguard attacking the alleged victim.

In the surveillance video, obtained by TMZ, the security guard appears to grab Mustafa Jafari by his throat, lift him off the ground, and carry him down the street.

The footage was reportedly captured before the street brawl broke out and before Jafari threw a punch at the bodyguard and hit him with his headphones. The 19-year-old claims he was acting in self-defense and was not charged for punching the security guard. The bodyguard was also not charged despite the video evidence.

Earlier this week, Rocky and two other men pleaded not guilty to assault following the June 30 incident in Stockholm. Swedish prosecutors allege that the men “deliberately, together, and in agreement” attacked Jafari.

Rocky’s lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, said that his client acted in “self-defense” after being followed and harassed by two men, including Jafari. Jovicic says Jafari broke his headphones himself when he tried to punch the bodyguard, who was just “doing his job.”

During Tuesday’s testimony in court, Jafari said he was punched at least 20 times by all four men in the group. “I felt they were going to beat me to death,” he said.

He is seeking about $16,000 in compensation for injuries and lost income. If convicted, Rocky faces up to two years in prison.

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