Wizkid pissed off Zimbabwean fans who waited in the Rain

Fans in Zimbabwe are not happy with Nigerian pop star, Wizkid.

It was Wizkid’s first ever concert in Zimbabwe on Friday April 8, 2016 and according to various reports, it flopped.

Wizkid was billed to perform at the Old Hararians Sports Club last night, but for some reasons he didn’t show up at the venue despite the fact that he was in the country even with Organizers reportedly saying they don’t know about his whereabout.

After a handful of local acts performed, the crowd stood in the rain for StarBoy but he never turned up. Interestingly, Wizkid was pretty excited about the gig as he shared an e-flier on his innstagram to announce he’d be in Zimbabwe.

There were also reports of violence at the venue as angry fans expressed their displeasure by throwing bottles on the empty stage and in the process destroying the electronic screens and lighting on the stage.

What do you think happen?


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