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Amidst Herpes Brouhaha, Usher Asks Judge To Seal Private Medical Records

Usher has urged a judge to seal his private medical records as his unfortunate legal war with the group of people who say he exposed them to sexually transmitted illnesses rages on.

Full story below…

The Blast reports that the philanthropic singer/songwriter asked a judge not to unseal his medical records as he works hard to put an end to the legal fiasco that was ignited when a group of people stepped forward to claim that he poisoned their bodies with STDs.

He says he needs to file exhibits to his motion seeking to compel one of the women suing him to hand over certain information.

Why? His records, and those of of one of the women he is battling, contain previous and current private health diagnoses which is why he keen to protect the both of them from the “significant harm” they would face if they were released.

One of his accusers claims the star exposed him to herpes at a spa in KoreaTown,Los Angeles.

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