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I had to Leave for My Sanity- Rapper Noti Flow Reveals Why She Had To Quit Rap

Rapper Noti Flow had to drop out of the rap game when everything seemed to be finally falling in place after being hit by a series of frustrations.

Noti Flow

According to Noti Flow who had a sit down with blogger Eve Mungai, failing to monetize her content, losing her top hit “Foto Moto” and being unable to find a good manager are some of the reasons why she quit music while at the top.

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“Music wasn’t giving me money, you know I don’t have management. All these managers would approach me and some of them just want me and not really like music or business-oriented,” she said.

Noti Flow and Rapper Mustapha

“I decided to take a break, just work on myself, save up you know. Music is like just passion now, it’s not like a job coz it doesn’t bring in any money,” said Noti Flow.

Foto Moto, which features Benzema of Ochungulo Family, hit a million views on Youtube in just a few weeks but was pulled down after a copyright claim.

Noti Flow

“Imagine it (Foto Moto) has 4 million-plus views. I got nothing. I paid for the video, audio everything, every little thing like makeup, outfit, location… I got nothing,” she told Eve.

“It made me just lose hope, everywhere I go am being played on TV, radio everywhere and then am not getting any money.”

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