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R.Kelly’s Team Set To Indict Him With Proofs Of Child Pornography

R. Kelly is finished.

Good news below…

The alleged paedophile was arrested on Thursday and slapped with a 13-count indictment, including 4 counts of producing child pornography and 2 counts of receiving child pornography.

Today, he has learned that his arrest and the investigation he is going to be placed under is powered by members of his immoral team who handed several recordings of him raping children to authorities. Recordings, sources say they have been sitting on for years.

TMZ adds…

Our federal law enforcement sources tell us the tapes show multiple victims … and prosecutors confirmed with multiple witnesses the girls were underage. Griggs says several of Kelly’s enablers — past and present — flipped and turned over the tapes to investigators. He says those videos were exactly what the feds needed to secure indictments for sex crimes, including child pornography.

There are said to be 20 videos in total.

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