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Shame! R. Kelly’s Lawyer Reveals R.Kelly Has No Financial Resources!

Ignominy has taken control of R.Kelly‘s life.

Bad news for a bad man below…

The alleged child rapist has learned that he may spend a considerable amount of time in jail as the world learns more about how he used his power, money and fame to target and molest children.

Now, he is pleading with the judge overseeing his case to grant him bond as he is desperate to see two of his girlfriends and was forced to reveal that his well of cash is running drier than the Sahara desert via a letter penned by his lawyer.

Read below…

Mr. Kelly possesses almost no financial resources, and no evidence was presented to the Court to the contrary. Indeed, there is nothing in the record to support such an inference. Likewise, Mr. Kelly is not a frequent international traveler. His passport is presently in the custody of authorities in Cook County, Illinois in connection with Illinois State court proceedings. That passport was issued approximately eight years ago and does not contain a single stamp for travel.

The news comes after a daycare owner who sent the star $100,000 with hopes it would free him from his legal hell learned that she would never see the money again after her request for a refund was denied.

‘Surviving R.Kelly’ is now available to stream on Netflix.

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